exactly where I need to be

I spent a considerable amount of time thinking about how to start my journey. Would I need to be “clean”, would everything need to be in place, should I be traveling or home, should I be able to meditate in the morning or afternoon….the list goes on.

This line from Gabby Bernstein’s book Spirit Junky really resonated with me. “Finally, when it comes to prayer and meditation, let go of the rope. You don’t need to manipulate your practice. Remember that your time spent in prayer and meditation is the time to relax and let you ~ing do her thing. As the Course says, “You need not do anything.” Just invite spirit in, sit still, and receive guidance.”

As such, today I am sitting still, I am reading and listening. I am fully focused to engage my spirit and I’m curious. It is a delish place to be, flirting with a destination that I’ve met once before and I want to have more time with, this time an ongoing relationship back to love. My journey has started…spirit, welcome to the party.


image via Evoke and Imagine




Once you believe in guidance it’s time to pay attention to it. Spiritual guidance comes in many forms. Maybe you witness guidance through repeating numbers, or you feel a strong intuition, or you experience tons of synchronicity. There are all kinds of ways to tap into the divine.


Gabby Bernstein